Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Filling up for Fall

Seems like every morning I find stripped down pine cones on my porch. And those gorgeous, seed-bearing sunnies in the garden? Someone's been munching on them. I know goldfinches are sneaking seeds out here and there, but who is taking huge bites out of the seedhead? 

One morning, while minding my own business (in the tomato patch) I heard a rustling. Aha! Culprit uncovered at last!

The chipmunks are busy filling up for fall. This week pay attention to animals harvesting seeds and fruits from gardens and yards in your neighborhood. Look for:

  • squirrels collecting acorns, hickory nuts, and more
  • birds and squirrels on sunflowers
  • birds feasting on dried seed heads of garden flowers
  • birds and squirrels nibbling rosehips and other berries
  • scales and bits of pine cones

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