Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A Nature Walk

 Come with me on a nature walk at the Fleisher preserve (Watertown, CT). It's cool in the shaded forest, and the ground is still muddy in many places. You can hear a pileated woodpecker hammering away in the distance; closer are calls of robins and warblers and the burbling brook. 

Look up!

and listen.....

look down...

and all around.


 Canada mayflower,


and ferns, uncurling into spring.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Taking a Nature Break ...



 Last week I took a "nature hike" around my yard. It had just rained (2.1 inches) and a front was blowing in. 


The may apples were just leafing out - they have beautiful white flowers if they don't freeze. And the fruit trees were blossoming - but it was too chilly for bees. And yet a third kind of daffodil was blooming. I love the buttery color!

I'm taking a few weeks off from Archimedes Notebook to finish a book. But I'll be taking daily nature breaks to look at the flowers, bugs, snails, birds, mushrooms, lichens, clouds, trees, stars, puddles, frogs. Please join me in doing that. And if I have time, I'll post some nature pics.

... back with book reviews in June.