Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Today let's amplify black scientist voices

In support of #ShutDownSTEM, I am not posting my regularly scheduled bug photos. Instead, I want to introduce you to an entomologist you probably haven't heard about. 

photo from Wikipedia
  Margaret Collins was known as the “Termite Lady” and was also a civil rights activist.  While teaching at Florida A&M, she would take her family on collecting trips in Everglades National Park. Later, she moved to Washington, DC where she taught at what is now the University of District of Columbia. She also became a research associate at the Smithsonian. She was so dedicated to the cause of civil rights that she put her career on pause for five years. In the publish-or-perish world of science, that's one heck of a commitment! 

The wonderful folks over at Ask an Entomologist have posted a great story of her life, with plenty of links - I encourage you to read it here

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