Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Explore Outdoors ~ scavenger hunt!

This week let's head out on a scavenger hunt to find Green Things:

  •     Find leaves with different shapes: long, short, round, heart-shaped
  •     Find leaves with different edges: scalloped, hairy, fuzzy
  •     Find leaves with different textures: velvety, sharp, prickly, smooth
  •     Find leaves with different colors in them

How many kinds of green can you find?
Write a poem, make a collage, or find some other way to share your  Green Things.


Randi Sonenshine said...

I didn't mean to remove my comment! I love this idea. It would make a great BINGO card activity for kids. :)

Sue Heavenrich said...

Thanks Randi - and sure, feel free to do that with your kids...