Friday, November 11, 2022

The Trouble With Robots

The Trouble with Robots 
by Michelle Mohrweis 
288 pages; ages 8-12
Peachtree, 2022

This is a book about trouble – and it’s not just the robots that are causing it. Eight-graders Allie and Evelyn are their own kind of trouble. Evelyn needs perfection, a trait that is causing a whole lot of trouble with her robotics team. Robotics is Evelyn’s life and she wants to win the competition. But her drive to make everything perfect is driving her team apart. 

Allie can’t seem to settle into school – any school – and the robotics class is her last chance. The only problem: Allie doesn’t care about engineering. She’s into art. When she’s added to Evelyn’s team, it’s like baking soda meeting vinegar … and Allie can’t risk things blowing up. She needs to get through this year for herself, and for her Oma.

One thing I like about this book: people forget is that art is an essential part of engineering. Else how do you visualize a new design? Writing, drawing… these are as important in STEM endeavors as “the smart stuff” (as Allie would call it): the calculating of gear ratios, the physics, the data collecting. Nearly every scientist I know draws or sketches stuff in their notebook, from flower parts to skulls to design elements for machinery.

Another thing I like about this book: it portrays the reality of engineering (and STEM projects of most kinds) as teamwork. This means learning to respect and work with people of all sorts and with different skills. When Evelyn learns to let people contribute in their own way, the team grows stronger. 

And finally, a shout-out to the different kinds of diversity portrayed in this book, from learning styles and neurodiversity to families. We need diverse thinking if we are going to solve the problems facing our future.

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  1. This book sounds like it covers a lot of important themes, sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What an important point about art being essential to engineering. Sounds like a wonderful book. Happy MMGM and have a lovely week.

  3. Great idea for a MG story. I know a few kids who would love this book. Thanks for sharing it on MMGM.

  4. This sounds great. Not many STEM books bring art into the equation. And teaching about teamwork is so important. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  5. What an interesting story. Will have to read the book to see how the girls find a way to work together - art and science.