Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Explore Outdoors ~ Shades of Winter Flowers

 This week pay attention to the colors of the flowers around you. The roses in one neighbor's garden displayed a range of hues from beige to faded peach to walnut and even colors of desert sand. Jot down the colors and shades you see. If you need some ideas for naming colors, drop by a paint store and check out the paint chips.

Winter Garden

The roses in my garden are beige, tan,
the color of espresso crema
or cafe con leche.
They remind me of desert sand
(depending on which desert),
a fortune cookie,
grade A maple syrup,
tortilla chips,
peanuts in the shell, 
peanuts out of the shell,
pecans and walnuts, 
amber, honey,
a faded peach, 
the end of summer.

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