Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Explore Outdoors ~ An appreciation of small things

 At first glance this looks like a winter weed poking up through the snow. But it's actually the dried bracht from the fruit of an American basswood(Tilia americana). The stem bearing the tiny marble-like fruits grows out of the bracht, a specialized leaf.

This small leaf-bit helicoptered on the wind and eventually landed in my road - where I stopped to marvel at the tiny details of leaf veins.

This week, take time to observe the small things you come across. Dried aster heads and seedpods, leaf skeletons, a jay's feather, cat tracks across the snowy lawn, frozen grasses beneath the roof's drip-line, stubborn oak or maple or beech leaves still clinging to their twigs.

What tiny marvels do you find?


  1. Such a lovely find! Nothing I knew of, so thank you for sharing.

  2. You always find such lovely things to share. Thanks, Sue.