Monday, January 2, 2023

New Year, New Socks and more...

Why look! It’s a brand new year and here we are, all decked out in our new socks! At least I am. Did any of you get cozy, warm socks as a winter gift? I could probably write an entire post about socks … hmmmm, it looks like I already did.

For many folks, a new year means an opportunity to try new things, That’s what I did last year, creating a Monday post where I invited writers and illustrators to talk about what inspires them to do what they love doing. (And seriously – anyone who writes or illustrates for kids does it because they love doing it!)

This year I’m taking a more relaxed approach to Mondays. Instead of posting every Monday, you’ll find something on the first Monday of the month. Second Monday at the latest. It might even make it to the blog before tea time! And who knows … you might find the occasional cartoon.

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