Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Explore Outdoors ~ Textures


There are so many things to see on trees: leaves, insects, bark, and lichens! The thing I like about lichens - aside from the fact that they are funky fungi - is the diversity of textures. You can touch them gently and feel that some are bumpy and crusty, some are bristly, and some are smooth and leafy.

This week take a closer peek at the trees in your neighborhood. Do they have lichens growing on their bark? If so:

  • What kinds of lichens do you see? Write notes or draw them in your nature notebook.
  • What colors are the lichens?
  • How would you describe their texture?
  • Are there two (or more) kinds growing together?
  • Take a closer look with a hand lens or magnifying glass.
  • What do you suppose ants think about as they walk through a lichen patch?

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