Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Explore Outdoors ~ A Story Grows over Time

 The change in seasons takes time. Sure, the snow can start melting sometime in March, and the first daffodil leaves push up like fat, green spears. 

Gradually buds fatten and you wait. And wait. And keep going out to see if this is the day.

Until one morning you forget, and later you notice that - BLOOM! that brownish end-of-winter spot is now a splash of color.
So then you take a look inside to see if anyone is there.


But it looks empty.

And just when you are ready to go back inside to make hot soup, you notice a dark spot. So you look closer. 

This month, spend time observing a patch of flowers that are getting ready to bloom. Or a patch where you have planted some seeds. 
Document the progression from emergence to bloom. 
Check out who visits, who hangs out, who gathers pollen, who nibbles the petals and leaves.
This is how nature writes her stories. Slowly. And then - BLOOM!

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