Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Explore Outdoors ~ Look closer


Even when drying out, rosehips add a splash of color to the landscape: bright red against the white snow. But when you look closer you discover real treasure. The stem has thorns, but also hairs. As the hip ages, it becomes wrinkled. And sometimes, when you look even closer, you find tiny treasures. In this case it's snowflakes stacking on each other. 

Look closer at the winter weeds and plants in your neighborhood. What do you notice?


  1. More of your wonderful photography, Sue. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rosi - you know how sometimes you don't see "everything" when you take a photo? I knew there was a blob of snow on the rosehip. I lucked out capturing the flaky details. (of course, I probably would have seen them if I'd had my glasses on... but cold day, scarf, foggy lenses, so I took 'em off.)