Friday, October 22, 2021

What do Animals Do at Night?

This week I’m sharing two more books about critters at night. One is about animals that are active at night, and the other is about animals that sleep at night.

theme: animals, night, bedtime stories

Night Creatures: Animals That Swoop, Crawl, and Creep while You Sleep 
by Rebecca E. Hirsch; illus. by Sonia Possentini 
32 pages; ages 5-10
Millbrook Press, 2021  

A cool night breeze blows softly on your face as night creatures wake in quiet dens and dusky nooks.

Fireflies flicker, night creatures crouch and creep, some swoop and others pounce. Page by page, readers meet denizens of the night world.

What I like about this book: Verbs! These night critters are active. They prowl for food, they squish in muck, they flee from predators, or feast on berries. I like that the story begins with dusk and ends with dawn. And I like the diversity of animals, from owl to skunk, frog to bat. Plus there is Back Matter (which, by now, you know I am a big fan of). Back matter provides more information about each animal introduced in the book. It’s also where we meet cool words, such as “crepuscular” ~ a very fun word to say. Try it: kreh-PUSS-ku-ler.

Where Do Creatures Sleep at Night? 
by Steven J. Simmons; illus. by Ruth Harper 
32 pages; ages 3-7
Charlesbridge, 2021  (releases 10/26)

We are used to seeing creatures by day. 
But where at night do you think they stay?

This book shows where animals sleep at night on and around a farm. Where do squirrels and birds sleep? What about frogs and butterflies? And does the goldfish ever sleep?

What I like about this book: Each spread shows an animal active during the day on one page, and resting at night on the facing page ~ including the very active kids who play on the farm. Definitely a “good night, sleep tight” read before bedtime.

Beyond the Books:

Get to know the night time animals in your neighborhood. Find a place where you can safely observe the wild night-life: a backyard, a neighborhood park, or a balcony. What animal sounds do you hear? Maybe quiet rustles in the leaves, or croaks, buzzes, barks. What animals do you see? Around here we see bats, tree frogs, beetles, and once a deer walking down main street!

Get to know the day-active animals in your neighborhood. Where do you think they go at night? We discovered a squirrel’s drey, high in the branches of one of our trees. Find out more about squirrel dreys here.

If you were a wild animal, where would you sleep? What sort of safe and cozy nest would you construct? 

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  1. Thank you for this lovely review, Sue! Three cheers for animals, and verbs, and back matter!

  2. Terrific pairing! I'm a fan of strong verbs (and the word, crepuscular) and exploring the nighttime world. Great picks!

  3. What lovely reviews, Sue. I love owls and there is something about the dark that I find appealing. Know kids will too. Nice pairing of books.

  4. You find the best books. This one looks lovely. I'm happy to say, I was able to put a copy on hold at my local library. I can't wait to read it. Thanks for your review.

  5. Sue, I love Night Creatures and what an awesome book to pair with it! I'm going to have to find this one. Thanks!

  6. If I were a wild animal I’d like to gather hair like some birds directly from furry mammals! Haha! Looking forward to finding these books!

  7. Lovely reviews! Looking forward to reading these two fascinating books!