Friday, May 3, 2019

You can be an Entomologist!

You can be an Entomologist
by Dino Martins, PhD
32 Pages; ages 4-8
National Geographic Children’s Books, 2019

theme: insects, ecology, nature

Hi! My name is Dino Martins, and I’m an entomologist.

Dino grew up loving insects, so he became a scientist who studies insects. All you need to be an insect water is curiosity and patience. Curiosity because once you start watching insects you’ll be asking tons of questions about what they’re doing, why they look the way they look, and how can they fly backwards? Patience because you have to watch quietly and wait for insects to arrive.

What I like about this book: Dino explains why scientists study insects and how the research he and other entomologists do helps farmers and other people. Some insects pollinate food crops; others eat leaves or fruits. In one chapter he describes how entomologists do their research. If you guessed that they use insect nets and record observations in notebooks, you are correct!

I especially like that Dino includes a section on how insects help people – and that he thinks there are plenty more insects waiting to be discovered. Full disclosure: I love bugs!

Beyond the Book:

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  1. This book looks awesome. I had to laugh, at first, because I thought that the bug on the cover was Dino talking to me. Chuckle chuckle...
    That's such a great close-up! NG does photography so well. This sounds like a fun and engaging NF title. I'm finding books for one of my nephews, so this may be added to the list. Thanks for featuring!

  2. I always love the NatGeo for Kids books. I hadn't seen this one. Thanks for the post.

  3. Great book. Can't wait to show my mom. She studied & collected many bugs over the years. Thanks for highlighting it.