Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wednesday Explorers Club ~ Flower Safari

Spring is a time of growth and flowers are everywhere I look. So this week let's grab our cameras and go on a Flower Safari. It's like a scavenger hunt, but all you leave are your footprints and all you bring back are the pictures. And maybe the memory of a scent, the scratch of a thorn, the song of birds and insects humming through your brain...

Find as many of these as you can:

  • Red flowers
  • Yellow flowers
  • Tall flowers
  • Flowers blooming close to the ground
  • Nearly hidden flowers
  • Huge flowers
  • Very tiny flowers
  • Flowers with four petals
  • Blue or violet flowers
  • Flowers that have faces
  • Flowers with yellow centers
  • Orange flowers
  • Flowers with fat petals
  • Flowers on trees

When you've collected lots of photos, think about things to do with them. You could:

  • make a photo collage
  • create a flower bingo game
  • make flower identification cards (or a booklet)
  • and .... stuff that only you will dream up.

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  1. Beautiful photo. I always enjoy your Wednesday posts.