Friday, July 20, 2018

Animal books!

 Today ~ three books about animals from National Geographic Children's Books (2017).  What I like about them all is the wealth of bright, crisp photos, close-up views into animal worlds, and the language is accessible to children.

Hey Baby!
by Stephanie Drimmer
192 pages; ages 4-8

Who can resist photos of animal babies? With their too-long legs, waiting-to-grow-into feet, and cute round faces, they are irresistible!

This book is divided into sections based on habitats: mountain and plains babies, desert and coast babies, ocean and sea babies.... Each section features a dozen or more of the cutest, cuddliest babies ever. You get to know them through profiles, folk tales and fairy tales,  poems, and true-life stories. Plus there are fun facts scattered through the book.

 Explore My World Rain Forests
by Marfe Ferguson Delano
32 pages; ages 3-7

Another in this fun series for young readers. Short sections focus on different aspects of the rain forest, from colors to sounds. There are green leaves, electric blue butterflies, pink bugs. Another section focuses on the ways animals move. Snakes slither, tigers slink. And, of course, there is rain!

There's a map for kids who want to know where to find a rain forest, and a couple of activities that encourage kids to explore beyond the book.

Wild Cats
by Elizabeth Carney
32 pages; ages 4-6
This is aimed at kids who are beginning to read on their own, so I like that it begins with a table of contents. Each "chapter" is only a couple or so pages long and written in large-print, easy-to-understand language.

After an introduction to the cat family the reader gets a world tour of  wild cats; who lives where? A diagram of a cat "up close" shows how all cats are alike and there's a list of cool facts about wild cats. If you're into animal babies, there's an entire chapter devoted to "caring for cubs." The book ends with a chapter describing people who are working to protect cats and their habitats.

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  1. You know I love the NatGeo books, but Hey, Baby! Oh, that cover makes me want to run right out and buy it. Thanks for the post.