Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday Explorers Club ~ Find a Funky Nest!

Hummingbird nest on metal artwork. Photo by Marshall Raintich ~ Celebrate Urban Birds

The Funky Nest contest is back! Maybe you've found a bird nest in an odd place, like on the tire swing, traffic lights, in a barbecue grill, on the wind chimes, in an old boot .... anywhere. Now you can take a photo of a nest built in a quirky place and enter it in the Funky Nest contest.

"Wherever you find a nest, send in a picture, video, poem, or artwork about it," says Karen Purcell. She's the project leader of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology citizen-science project "Celebrate Urban Birds". The contest isn't just about bragging rights; there are prizes, including binoculars, bird feeders, posters, and more.

Nesting season is well underway, so now is a good time to head outdoors to enjoy nature and, if you're lucky, discover nesting birds in unexpected places. And there's lots of time - the deadline is June 30.

Who can enter? Anyone: all ages, individuals, a class, a scout troop or after school program. People all around the world can enter. More information, and link to upload entries here.

Click here for suggestions on how to approach nests when observing and photographing them.

Want to know more about kinds of nests and how to find them? Check out this page.

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  1. What a wonderful nest. Birds are so adaptable. Thanks for this post.