Friday, May 26, 2017

Animal Babies

If you love to read about baby animals, here are two new books that are just delightful. 

Baby on Board
by Marianne Berkes; illus. by Cathy Morrison
32 pages; ages 3-8
Dawn Publishing, 2017

When you were a baby, someone carried you.
Have you ever wondered what animal parents do?

They may not have baby backpacks or strollers or carriers...  but wild animal moms have figured out how to transport their kids from one place to another.

Kangaroos use pockets, mama otters become rafts, and mother possums give their young piggy-back rides. Even dads get into the picture.

Fun, rhyming language and realistic illustrations introduce youngsters to the diversity of transport their woollier - and featherier - wild friends experience. Back matter includes a matching game and plenty of resources for further exploration.

Baby Animals (Animal Bites series)
by Dorothea DePrisco
80 pages; ages 4-8
Animal Planet/ Time Inc. Books, 2017

Many animals lay eggs and build nests - and not just birds! This photo-rich book focuses on  babies from across the animal kingdom. Information is presented in small, "browsable" chunks with many entry points. You can use the table of contents, or use the colored tabs to guide you in your wildlife safari: yellow for close-up look at animals, orange for a gallery exhibit highlighting diversity, and there's even an icon labeled "just like me" that compares how animals and humans behave in similar ways.

Some of the animals highlighted are bunnies, owls, red pandas, dogs, skunks, and more. Back matter includes baby animal activities, resources, and a glossary.

Today we're joining the STEM Friday roundup. Drop by STEM Friday blog for more science books and resources. Review copies from publishers.

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