Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Dandelion Discoveries

It didn't take long for my dandelions to go to seed. One of the things you discover, when you take a closer look at dandelions, is that each of those "petals" is actually a flower. And each of those flowers produces a seed. And each of those seeds is able to grow into a new dandelion plant that will ... produce more flowers!

A few things to wonder about dandelions:
  • how tall can they grow?
  • how many flowers can each plant produce?
  • how many seeds are there in a puffball head?
  • how many thin filaments in each fluffy "parachute"?
  • how far can a seed/parachute travel?
  • how long does it take for a seed to turn into a new dandelion plant?
  • how much does a yellow dandelion flower weigh? how much does a fluffy seed head weigh?
  • does anything eat dandelion seeds? what do they taste like?

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