Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Explore Outdoors ~ Funky Winter Fungi

 Welcome Back to a New Year of nature breaks, seasonal observations, and outdoor exploration. I now have a macro-lens that clips onto my mobile phone! And that allows me to see things "up close and personal"  - it's like having a hand-lens attached to the camera. So of course I took it out for a walk!

I love lichen, so of course I just had to take some photos! Some lichens look crusty and tough, but it's not until you look closer that they look a bit ... scaly, like tiny dragons raising their heads above the field of leafy fronds.

Others look sharp and dangerous - like deer antlers!

There are all kinds of soft fungi growing on old logs. These looked like someone had pushed a bunch of yellow trumpet-shaped tacks into the wood. Hey look! you can even see the mycelium network spreading across the log.

What tiny natural wonders will you discover this week?

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