Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Taking a Nature Break ...



 Last week I took a "nature hike" around my yard. It had just rained (2.1 inches) and a front was blowing in. 


The may apples were just leafing out - they have beautiful white flowers if they don't freeze. And the fruit trees were blossoming - but it was too chilly for bees. And yet a third kind of daffodil was blooming. I love the buttery color!

I'm taking a few weeks off from Archimedes Notebook to finish a book. But I'll be taking daily nature breaks to look at the flowers, bugs, snails, birds, mushrooms, lichens, clouds, trees, stars, puddles, frogs. Please join me in doing that. And if I have time, I'll post some nature pics.

... back with book reviews in June.

1 comment:

  1. Two inches of rain! I am so jealous. Enjoy your break. I hope it is very productive for you. Thanks for the pretty post.