Friday, December 11, 2020

Survival handbook for plants

Pretty Tricky: the Sneaky Ways Plants Survive
by Etta Kaner; illus by Ashley Barron
48 pages; ages 7-10
Owlkids Books, 2020

theme: plants, animals, STEM

…would you believe there are plants that trick insects into being their bodyguards?

Plants don’t have brains, but they have adapted ways that fool animals – even humans! They have ways to defend themselves from harsh weather, being munched, and heavy feet that might step on their vines. One plant plays dead to discourage predators. Other plants fake leaf damage. Plants use deceit to manipulate pollinators into carrying pollen, and one plant produces smelly seeds that fool dung beetles into rolling them to new places. And some plants … hunt insects!

What I like about this book: I like how it’s divided into three sections: defense, making more plants, and food. Back matter includes details about how plants make seeds and how plants use sunlight to make food. An index, glossary, and list of selected sources round out the back pages.
But what I really like: the artwork!  The cut paper collages are filled with texture and color, and nicely detailed to inspire curious young naturalists to head out and look more closely at plants.

Beyond the Books:

If you were a plant and couldn’t run away, what would you do to protect yourself?
List some ways you could make yourself yukky, prickly, or otherwise unattractive to a predator.

Use cut paper collage to make a picture of a plant growing in or around your house. If it’s not in bloom, then find a photo to help you remember what it looks like. You’ll need scissors, colored paper, a piece of paper or cardboard for your collage, and glue. If you can’t find papers in the colors you want, raid the recycle magazine pile or paint your own paper to use for collage. Have fun!

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