Friday, December 4, 2020

Books that Ask Questions

Kids are full of questions. So are writers – and these authors have turned their questions into fun books about animal adaptations.
themes: animals, STEM, humor

Do Lizards Eat Ice Cream? How Animals Beat the Heat
by Etta Kaner; illus by Jenna Piechota
32 pages; ages 4-8
Owlkids Books, 2020

When it gets hot out, do animals wear flip-flops? NO!

So … how do animals beat the heat? They don’t eat ice cream. Or run through sprinklers. But some use their ears as fans, and some use sunscreen. From lizards to lungfish, elephants to ants, this book explores the ways animals have found to cool off in hot weather.

What I like about this book: It’s fun, with a straightforward structure. For each spread, one side asks a question and the facing page provides an answer with supporting text. The cartoon-like illustrations are bright. It’s a great companion to their earlier book, Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate .

Do Jellyfish Like Peanut Butter? Amazing Sea Creature Facts
by Corinne Demas and Artemis Roehrig; illus by Ellen Shi
36 pages; ages 4-8
Persnickety Press, 2020

Do starfish sign autographs? NO!

But they do use their arms to do other things… like pry open clams. In this book you discover the adaptive secrets of seahorses (No! they do not wear saddles), pilot whales (who have nothing to do with flying aircraft), and of course, the peanut-butterless jellyfish. 

What I like about this book: I like the playful questions, and the short answers. But in this book, the questions are presented on one spread, inviting readers to turn the page to discover the real answer. The art is fun and the tone of the text one of friends tossing one-liners to each other. I like that the authors include Back Matter, where they present more information about each of the sea creatures introduced in the book.

Beyond the Books:

Make a list of questions (silly or serious) about animals. And then find out the answers. Maybe you'd like to know things like: can chickadees sing the blues? Or how much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

What sort of adaptations do you have for warming up and cooling off? Do you drink hot cocoa? Put on extra layers of clothes? Wear a raincoat to keep dry? 

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  1. Sounds like brilliant page turners, ones that I would like to read. I'll be adding them to my TBR list. Thanks!

  2. The covers and titles of both books will interest children! They make you want to read them! I have a great grandson that loves books like these two -- he likes facts. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. What a great pairing, Sue! I hadn't seen the Lizards one before. Now I'm really curious about it. Thanks.