Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Wednesday Explorers Club ~ Plants that fight back!

...continuing our field trip through the Beardsley Zoo Historic Greenhouse (Bridgeport, CT)...

After passing through the humid green zone, we came to the dry plants.

Plants with spines! Cacti (or you can call them cactuses) tend to live in deserts. They store water in succulent leaves, and some have beautiful blooms. But you don't want to pet these plants.

These dainty flowers grow on stems covered with spines. "Don't touch me!" it says to potential enemies. "Don't even think about it!"

I'm not sure what the real name for this guy is - I think it looks like a large, fuzzy spider.

They say that, in an emergency, the pulp of the barrel cactus can be chewed for its water content... but you'd need a good pair of leather gloves!

 This "Bunny Ears" cactus may look cute, but you don't want to pet it!

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  1. These all have some wicked stickers. I do enjoy your photos so much. Thanks for the post.