Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wednesday Explorers Club ~ Dandelions

This is the month that dandelions begin to grow. At first you'll just find leaves - but give them a few sunny days and - boom! the world explodes in yellow blossoms!

Dandelions are the first flowers that feed the bees. Bumble bees and other bees are looking for pollen, and dandelions have it, in abundance. Bees aren't the only animals to eat dandelions - people do too! From salad greens to pizza to cookies, dandelions provide tasty treats. I like to toss dandelion greens into quiche and sprinkle the yellow flowers into pancake batter.

You can find more dandelion activities here, and my recipes - and more wild and weedy recipes in Christy Mihaly's and my book, Diet for a Changing Climate.


  1. Dandelion greens also make a tasty pesto!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I've included garlic mustard in pesto but hadn't thought of dandelion greens!

  2. I love dandelions. They get a bad rap. We ate the greens in salads growing up. Thanks for the post.