Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wednesday Explorers Club ~ Leaf peeping

In some place the leaves have begun to turn. It's like a cosmic switch has flipped, and the green goes off and a leaf's true colors are revealed.

So this month - become a Leaf Peeper. Find a tree, or group of trees to watch. Make sure to take your journal/notebook/sketchbook with you and see what you can discover.

  1. Do all the leaves on a tree turn the same color?
  2. Do all the leaves on a tree turn color at the same time? If not, where does color begin?
  3. How do your leaves fall? Are they the kind that fluttery-flap to the ground? Or do they whirl and twirk?
  4. Somewhere I read that each leaf is unique, and those lower on a tree are a different size than those above. Try to collect lots of leaves from the same tree and compare them.
  5. Make leaf rubbings, prints, tracings - a good way to collect data!
  6. What stories do your leaves tell? Look at their scars, holes, nibbles.

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