Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday Explorers Club ~ take some non-digital "photos"

Here's something different to try: take some non-digital "photos" of flowers you see in your yard or around the neighborhood. AND you don't even need a camera!
  • your journal or some index cards
  • pencil and/or pen
  • colored pencils or watercolors 
Then head out and "snap photos" of flowers you want to remember. I call them "photos" because my goal is to make the drawing life-like. Here's some I did last week.

Most of the time I grab my camera when I want pictures. But last week I wanted to slow down and get to know my subject more fully. When I draw flowers - or bugs, lichens, feathers - I look at them in a different way. And when I take the time to color them in, I begin to notice even more details!

What sorts of things do you discover when you take time to draw "photos"?

I used water-colored pencils for bee balm (so I could use a finger and spit to smear the pencil to look like watercolor paints). I used regular colored pencils for the purple coneflower.

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