Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day!

Earth Day was born back in the last century - I remember our Girl Scout troop doing a trash cleanup at the park, and a party-like atmosphere.

In the past few years, Earth Day has focused on particular environmental issues. This year it's plastic. Plastic is a huge problem - there's a huge floating plastic island in the ocean, and plastic is killing whales and birds. You can learn more about this year's Earth Day here.
And here's a link for your own personal "plastic pollution" calculator.
Make this the year you decrease your dependence on plastic.
For me that means cutting down on the food packaging. Instead of putting peppers in a plastic produce bag I can carry my own "veggie" bag for fruits and vegetables that have their own skins. (This is harder to do with things like blueberries...)
What can you do this year?

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  1. Thanks, Sue, for reminding me where I can do better.