Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday Explorers ~ Rubber Band Science

We collect rubber bands around our house: red ones, blue ones, thick ones, thin ones, long ones, short ones. So one day we decided to test their flying ability.

Here's what you need:
rubber bands
yardstick or tape measure
markers (poker chips, masking tape, small post-it notes)

How far do rubber bands fly?
Make a starting line. Predict how far your rubber band will fly when you pull it back 6 inches.
Then snug one end against the end of the ruler and pull the band 6 inches. Let it fly. Have someone mark where it hits the floor.

Questions to explore:
1. How far do they fly when pulled 8 inches or 10 inches?
2. Compare rubber bands of different thicknesses. Is there a difference?
3. Does it get "tired" after lots of flying? Is it possible to stretch it out so it changes how elastic it is, and therefore how well it flies?
4. Do cold rubber bands fly better or worse than warmed rubber bands? To test, put a rubber band in the freezer for an hour and one of the same kind and size over a hot air vent or on top of a warm place for an hour. Then test their flight abilities.

Have fun!

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