Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday Explorers Club ~ Field Trip!

 In spring, my yard was covered with yellow flowers - dandelions, hawkweed, and buttercups. The yellow flowers are still there, but now I'm noticing a new color coming into the landscape.


Everywhere I  look.

Purple-flowering raspberries. Roses. Red clover. Thistles. Pinks. Smartweed. Chive blossoms - though they're more of a lavender than pink, but still pink-ish.

 So your mission this week is to head outside and see what colors you find in your yard, neighborhood, vacant lot, wild area beyond the mowed grass at the park, roadsides, fields, meadows.

Take along something to record your observations: a notebook and colored pencils, or a camera. Are there different kinds of pink? What insects are on the pink flowers?

Archimedes Notebook is taking a break from book reviews for a few weeks so I can spend this summer being a curious naturalist. I'll be heading out with my notebook and camera - so you might find some new Wednesday Explorers Club adventures posted. But for the most part I plan to indulge in non-digital exploration of my world. I invite you to turn off your computer for a few hours each week so you can explore the world around you.

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