Thursday, March 14, 2013

3.14 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!

Not only is March 14 Pi Day, but it's also Einstein's birthday - and that calls for a real celebration. So put on some music and let's get this party started.

1 -  Make a Pi Chain
You need 10 colors of construction paper, one color for each digit. For example: red = 1, blue = 2, green = 3.... Cut the paper into strips and glue the rings together in order of Pi.

2 -  A Pi-mile challenge.
After all that sitting and cutting and gluing, you need to get out and stretch your legs. Nothing better than a 3.14 mile run to get your blood moving and make you ready for some...

3 - Birthday Pi or Cake
It doesn't matter which you make, as long as you have a measuring tape large enough to go around it. Measure how big the cake is around (circumference) and divide it by how far across (diameter) to get Pi - or at least a decent approximation of it.

3.14 - Decorate Pi plates: Glue a Pi symbol onto the middle of a paper plate and color it. Then write the digits of Pi around the outside border to as high as you want to go.

Pi-in-the-sky: Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. Figure out how old he would be if he were still alive - and convert that into Pi years (a Pi year = 3.14 years). This is part of STEM Friday. Check out more science, technology, engineering and math resources here.



Hope Grietzer said...

Great activities Sue! And hey, I'll take a slice of that Pi (That would be .5233333 worth!)

P.S. I LOVE the fact that in Pi years, I'm only 15 1/2. Does that mean I get to behave like a teen today?

Jeff Barger said...

Great Pi ideas! I also like that there is an activity for Pi cake too.

Sue Heavenrich said...

that's so you can have your Pi and eat it too!

Roberta said...

Hope you had a happy Pi day. Fabulous activities!

Sue Heavenrich said...

Isn't being a teen again (even if only for 3.14 days) awesome!

Sue Heavenrich said...

sorry to not be here to meet you, R - I had a pi in the oven.

Liz Heywood said...

WOW--just (finally!?) got the graphic. Slow on the uptake! Here's a link to a mind-bogglingly brilliant pi-lish work of art. Enjoy (& rock on, Sue!)

Sue Heavenrich said...

It's amazing how he keeps with the 3.141592.... I would never have figured out Pilish if you hadn't clued me into word length.