Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's View... Anyone lost a Puffling?

On any other Tuesday we'd be looking out my window watching the bees and turkeys.... but not today.

Today we're on a "Puffling Hunt". No pufflings will be hurt because this is a scavenger hunt, and the pufflings are illustrations from The Puffling Patrol by  Ted and Betsy Lewin (Lee & Low, 2012)

What's a puffling? It's a baby puffin. They live on rocky seashores... such as these pufflings from Heunaey, an island off the south coast of Iceland.

By August the young pufflings can fly, and it's time for them to head out to sea. But sometimes they get confused by lights and end up in town. When that happens, it's time to call out the "Puffling Patrol" to help round up the birds and return them to the ocean. This book follows two children who head out to help rescue the pufflings.

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