Friday, October 28, 2011

Looking for Orange Things

It's almost Halloween - an evening celebrated by ghosts and goblins and things orange: candy corn, pumpkin cookies and jelly beans.

So in keeping with the season I encourage you to head outside with your nature journal and look for Orange Things.

A couple weeks ago I noticed this bright orange fungus. With all our fall rain there was a lush growth of grass and clover beneath it, contrasting green with the bright mushroom cap.

If you're looking for orange leaves, you can't go wrong with Sugar Maples.

photo by Marvin Smith

Marvin Smith, a photographer and blogger in the Ozarks has graciously shared two of his orange critters. The moth on the flower to the right is called a "lichen moth" because the caterpillars munch on crunchy lichens.

photo by Marvin Smith

 The spider is a   marbled orb weaver -
 perfect for Halloween!


  1. This is a perfect activity and I should have done it today because tomorrow we'll be covered in white!
    Erin, NY

  2. Just a bit of "frost on the pumpkin" ... (really deep frost!)

  3. I love this idea--looking for a certain color in nature. It reminds me of my book Why Are Animals Orange? Bright colors are usually nature's way of saying stay away. So watch out for those little orange critters or you might be sorry.