Sunday, March 6, 2011

Map the Shifting Season

March is an uncertain month. This morning it was raining – now there’s so much snow falling that the weatherman says we’ll get close to a foot on the ground. Sure the groundhog promised spring soon, but sometimes we need proof that the season is changing.

Here’s a few ideas for mapping the change in the seasons:

Keep a journal. You can write or draw your what you see outside: how many birds show up at the feeder, how long it takes to shovel the driveway, how the color of the sky changes, how deep the snow is and how fast it’s melting.

Keep a photo-journal of pictures showing one particular area over the next few weeks.

If you like to draw treasure maps you might try mapping the change of seasons. For example, where does the snow melt fastest in your neighborhood? Where are the sunny spots, the shady spots, and the places where the squirrels hang out on a snowy day? When spring comes, where does X mark the spot?

What other ways can you collect information about the shifting season?

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