Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Explore Outdoors ~ Winter Berries


I know I've posted pics of partridge berries in the past. But still, when I find them poking out from between fallen leaves (fall) or melting snow (spring) I'm always surprised by their splash of color. The leaves are thick, and you can feel the veins. The berries are interesting because they are formed by the fusion of two flowers. I've heard they make good trail snacks or you can toss them into a salad. But I usually only see a handful of berries, so I leave them for the chipmunks and turkeys.

These native plants grow low-to-the-ground, so they make good ground cover. Since I usually find them in wooded areas I'm thinking they might do well in a shaded part of my yard - and now I'm wondering if I could plant those berries and get some seedlings? You can find out more about partridge berries here.

What kind of berries provide a splash of color in your neighborhood this week?

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