Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Explore Outdoors ~ Oh, Deer!


With all the rain and the snow and the sleet - sometimes all at the same time - we've got mud. At least until it snows later today and this weekend... But meanwhile, if you look at muddy spots along the roads or trails where you walk, you might see tracks. On Monday we found these deer tracks down the hill from us, where they walked along the edge of the forested hillside until they crossed the road and (I can imagine) bounded into the field. Linda Spielman, our local tracking expert, has a great blog post on deer tracks here.

This week, pay attention to tracks you find. They might be bird tracks in a dusting of snow on your windowsill or balcony, or muddy squirrel tracks near trees. If you're at a dog park, you might find all sizes of canine prints. And if you've got some snow or sand, check out the tracks you make!

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