Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Explore Outdoors ~ Wild Strawberries

One of the things I like about our "lawn" - the area we mow now and then - is that it isn't a monoculture of grass. In the spring, it's a carpet of purple violets sprinkled with bright yellow exclamation points of dandelion. There are always treasures to discover, like patches of wild strawberries. This is strawberry season, when some flowers are blooming and others have lost their petals and are starting to form fruits. In a couple weeks our yard will be sprinkled with tiny red gems of fruit.

This week, take some time to look at what grows in the grass in your yard or the back part of a school yard or park. You might find violets, or some of the "garden weeds" I posted last week. Or, if you are lucky, you might find a strawberry pocket-patch. 

What wildflowers do you find in your lawn patches?

1 comment:

  1. Lucky you! I love wild strawberries, but they don't appear here very often.