Friday, February 25, 2022

Sing a Song of Walrus ...

Walrus Song 
by Janet Lawler; illus. by Timothy Basil Ering 
32 pages; ages 5-8
Candlewick Press, 2021

theme: ocean animals, arctic, nonfiction

 Where is Walrus? 

He’s on an ice flow, or diving into icy waters to hunt for food. This book shows the walrus life up close and personal. Readers learn about tusks and flippers, and the wonderful variety of sounds walruses make.

What I love about this book: I love the language. The fun, rhyming text is filled with action. There are verbs galore: flapping, flopping, walking, plopping. Walrus may lumber on the ice, but in the water below he twirls and whirls. I love the spreads filled with walrus songs and calls, hoots and squees, snorts, and more. And I really like the back matter: walrus facts that are perfect bite-sized bits for older readers to digest and share with their younger sibs – or the grandkids.

Beyond the Books:

Learn more about walruses in this National Geographic Kids video.

Have fun with walrus crafts over at Danielle’s Place. There’s a couple of walrus videos at the bottom of her page.

You, too, can speak like a walrus. Check out this recording of walrus sounds

What’s it like to be a walrus? Make up a story or a poem or song, or draw a picture about what you think a day in the life of a walrus would be like. Here’s one of my favorite songs telling all about The Walrus Life.

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  1. Thank yo so much Sue for featuring this one! I got it onhold and am really excited to see it. Great activities.

  2. This looks like a fun book. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the video links.

  3. Well, now I want to talk like a walrus, LOL. Their sounds are so varied. And some made me laugh. It could drive my family (and the dog) a little bonkers. I could see those sounds inspiring all kinds of poems from kids, which would make for a funny performance piece. This looks like another great Candlewick book. Definitely one to add to the TBR pile. Thanks for the rec!