Friday, August 6, 2021

Stop - hey, What's That Sound?


Sounds All Around: The Science of How Sound Works 
by Susan Hughes; illus by Ellen Rooney 
32 pages; ages 5-8
‎ Kids Can Press, 2021

theme: sounds, STEM, nonfiction

Summer, sunlight, a gentle breeze blowing the clouds. It’s so quiet, then 
A honeybee!

From bee wings to thunder to school bells clanging, this book explores how sounds are made – and how we hear them.

What I like about this book: There’s lots to explore, with examples of sounds children will be able to identify with. Take a guitar string, for example. If you pluck it, it vibrates. Those vibrations make the air vibrate and, eventually, the tiny hairs in your ears – which turn that sound energy into signals that “travel straight to your brain,” writes Susan Hughes. She discusses how to measure loudness, compares sounds from a diversity of sources (natural and man-made) and reminds young readers to keep their ears safe.

Back matter includes a hands-on activity and a glossary.

Beyond the Books:

Explore sounds by creating noisemakers. Here’s a bunch of ideas.

Sound waves are like ripples in a puddle. Fill up a bucket or tub – or find a puddle – and drop a stone in it. Watch the waves ripple outward from the stone. 

Check out these simple science activities for exploring sound.

For sounds in nature, try this activity from Project Learning Tree: making fox ears from a pair of paper cups. Directions here.

Susan Hughes is a member of #STEAMTeam2021. You can find out more about her and her books at her website

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  1. I really like Susan's book! And you have some great activities, thanks!

  2. Looks great! Look the topic and activities!