Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Explore Outdoors ~ Look at the Earth from a Different Angle












Every month, when I get my copy of National Geographic, the first thing I turn to is the front-of-the-book section called "Proof". Recently it's been all about looking at the Earth from every possible angle. I kept that in mind last month when I walked up to our hayfield. I was "looking" for animal tracks and seed pods - none of which I found. But I did find plenty of thin weeds poking out of the snow. And I wondered: What would they look like if I viewed them from ground - er, snow - level?

 What do you discover when you look at the Earth from a different angle?

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful photos. I haven't been getting out much since this pandemic started, so I haven't seen much from any angle. 8-/