Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Explore Outdoors ~ Flies

I'm ending our month of bugs - I mean, insects! - with one last post. So slip on your garden boots and grab a magnifying glass and head out to look for FLIES!


You'll find flies just about anywhere: lazing about on a sunny porch railing, buzzing around a pile of trash, and even collecting pollen from flowers. So head outside to check out the flies in your backyard and neighborhood. Flies are a diverse group, as you can see here. Find flies that:
  • look like a wasp
  • are metallic
  • have long legs
  • are as big as a bumble bee
  • hang out on fruit
  • are tiny
  • look like giant mosquitoes
If you have a camera, capture them in photos. Or draw some pictures and share them with your friends.

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