Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Explore Outdoors ~ Bees!

This month, Archimedes is focusing on bugs ... I mean, insects! So slip on your exploring shoes and head out to a garden - or anywhere that flowers are blooming - and spy on some bees. Just stay far enough away that you don't bother them.


Bees are a diverse group, as you can see here. When you find bees at work, remember: don't crowd them. See how many different kinds of bees you can find: 
  • loud buzzing bees
  • metallic bees
  • tiny bees
  • huge bees
  • bee covered in pollen
  • bee with pollen on its legs
  •  bees that crawl inside flowers
  •  bees that hang out on sunflowers
    If you like to watch bees, think about becoming a Citizen Scientist. You can help scientists by counting pollinators for the Great Sunflower Project.
    As always, if you have a camera, capture bees in photos. Or draw some pictures and share them with your friends.

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