Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Explore Outdoors ~ Snowflakes

It snowed a couple times last week. One day, the flakes were fat and lazy, drifting from the sky as if they had all the time in the world to reach the ground. A couple days later the snow was round, like kernels of corn, and windblown. They tapped against the window and coated the stairs with a bumpy texture.

This week, watch what falls out of the sky. If it's snow, what does it look like when it lands? How does it move in the air? Capture the precipitation around your house in art, poetry, notes, a song, or even a dance.

This year I'm encouraging everyone to spend 1,000 hours outdoors. So on Wednesdays I'll be posting ideas for nature breaks, field trips, and outdoor play. The goal: to have fun!

Teachers and homeschoolers who want to use nature breaks as field trips can grab a sketchbook or journal, something to draw and write with, and some watercolors, colored pencils, crayons, or markers. Think cross-curricular: art, language, science, math, engineering, movement, exercise! And come back Friday for some STEM book-talk.


  1. I have a fun deep-winter art activity: Make frozen pants. You can deep bluejeans in the tub and hurry them out into single digit weather. Before minutes go by they are ready to be posed as dancing pants. Make a whole family! Make a chorus line of dancers...whatever:) You may as well get some fun out of the "snot-freezing cold!"

  2. Beautiful. I always enjoy your Wednesday photos. Thanks for this.