Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wednesday Explorers Club ~ Nature Break

The other day I wanted to look closer at pine cones. It was pretty cold, so I brought them inside. As with the weeds, when I began drawing them I slowed down. Looked more closely at the scales. The one on top, short and rounder, was older. The scales more worn and brittle. The other had seeds tucked inside some of the scales.

Take a Nature Break for Pine Cones:

  • Grab your sketchbook and pencil (in case it's cold enough to freeze ink)
  • Find some pine cones. 
  • If it's too cold to stay outside, bring them inside.
  • Draw one or two of them
  • Jot notes about them, or write haiku, maybe lines for a song

Why don't we just take a camera, you ask?

I did... and discovered that I see more when I draw. For example, the imperfect shapes of scales, and how some of them were notched. The way the colors fade on the wing of the seed. How the spiral isn't perfect...

1 comment:

  1. A pine cone Haiku, eh? That sounds fun. Thanks for the post.