Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wednesday Explorers Club ~ Going to Seed

This year my purple coneflowers went to seed early. The runner beans have long pods drying in the sun. Sunflowers have disks filled with fat seeds set in spirals - and the birds have already discovered them! Milkweed pods are cracking open, leaving room for their seeds to take flight.

What kind of seeds do you find in your neighborhood? Some form sticky balls like burrs, that velcro to cat hair, socks, and sneaker laces. Some form parachutes, while other seed pods burst open, shooting seeds through the air. Go on a seed walk and draw pictures of some of the seedpods you find.

Who is collecting seeds? Around here, goldfinches cling to the tops of plants, pecking seeds from the centers. In some places ants collect grass seeds for the colony. What animals do you see collecting seeds?

Draw pictures of different kinds of seeds produced by plants in your neighborhood.

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