Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Explorers Club ~ Scavenger Hunt

The season is tilting away from winter, but there's plenty of "winter" stuff to see outside. So head out on a scavenger hunt - but instead of collecting things, you'll be observing them, taking photos or drawing them, looking closer.... getting to know the winter-ish plants and animals around you.

Things to take on your hike:
a hand lens
a sketchbook and pencils

Scavenger hunt list of things to look for and observe:
  • icicle or frozen puddle
  • cluster of needles
  • a pine cone
  • winter weeds
  • animal tracks (what are they and where do they lead?) 
  • clouds
  • birds flying
  • berries
  • a nest (don't touch)
  • dead leaves clinging to a tree
  • snowfleas at the base of trees
  • a cocoon on a twig or side of house, or beneath leaves

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