Friday, September 16, 2016

Seeds Can't Sit Still!

 Last week I featured the book, Plants Can't Sit Still, about the different ways that plants move. This week the focus is on one way plants move: with their seeds. Some plants produce seeds that look like parachutes; some have seedpods that explode; some have sticky seeds that hitch a ride on your clothes - or animal fur.

Save Seeds
You might find flowers going to seed. If they're flowers you like, try collecting their seeds. Calendula has curved seeds that form in heads. Sunflowers have tight heads of seeds. Lupine seeds come in pods, like peas.

Once you've collected your seeds, make a seed packet for them. Here's directions for folding an envelope out of paper. Or you can use a small envelope and decorate it.

How far do seeds Fly?
Some plants, like milkweeds, dandelions, and thistles, produce seeds that look like tiny parachutes. What kinds of parachute seeds can you find in your neighborhood?

Collect some different kinds. Take a good look at them - note their differences. Some might have long, silky threads while others are shorter and stiffer.

Make a starting line with chalk, or using a stick. Release your seeds and try to follow them. How far do they travel?

Find Hitchikers
Find some old wool socks - and put them on over your shoes. Then go for a walk in a weedy field. When you come back, look at all the seeds that attached to the socks. Use a handlens to see details  of hooks and stickers. Draw pictures of how the seeds hook onto the socks.

Check out more seed activities over at Roberta's blog,  Growing With Science.

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