Friday, August 30, 2013

Over in a River...

Over in a River: 
     Flowing Out to the Sea
by Marianne Berkes; illus by Jill Dubin
32 pages; ages 3-8
Dawn Publications, 2013

When my youngest son was about 6, he wanted to know where the little stream that runs near our house started. And where did it go? And did otters live in it somewhere? So we pulled on our boots and hiked upstream, following the ever-narrowing trickle across rocky places and through marshy places until we found the spring where the stream was born.

Then we got in a car and followed it down our hill, where it joined another stream, and further, where it joined a creek, and further yet, to where it joined the Susquehanna River.We never found any otters - but I hear that there are some in the river.

So I was excited to see Marianne Berkes' newest book that features rivers - and the awesome cut-paper artwork of Jill Dubin. This is a counting book, and you can sing along with the text... but there's a lot more to it. Each page introduces an important river ecosystem and the animals that live there. You'll meet herons and salmon, manatees and - yes! - otters. You'll learn a little geography as you go along, plus there's some hidden animals in the pages. And, for those kids who love to explore nature through art, Dubin gives some tips on how to create your own cut-paper art.

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  1. I love anything to do with rivers! This looks great!