Friday, January 25, 2013

Noisy Wings!

Sounds seem crisper in winter. If you listen, you can hear the hiss of icy pellets hitting the ground, the sharp calls of birds slicing through the air and - if you stand very close and very still - the flir-r-r of bird's wings as chickadees and juncos and nuthatches come in for a landing at the feeder.

What sounds do you hear when you head outside this week? Try making a sound map. All you need is a scrap of paper, a pencil, and a cup of hot cocoa to keep you warm...

Check out more STEM Friday resources here. And if you want help identifying some of those birds making lots of flirry wing noise at the feeder, download a poster of frequent feeder birds here.


  1. I am hearing the hiss of ice pellets today. We have freezing rain and sleet in central North Carolina. I completely agree about crisper sounds in winter. I like walking in the woods to hear sounds that seem to be drowned out in the cacophony of summer. Thanks for the idea of a sound map!

    1. we are having very tiny snowflakes.... too cold for ice pellets I guess.

  2. I heard you are having a cold snap. We are listening to the soft drizzle of rain.

    Nice idea!